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Many organizations have attempted to implement mobile handheld data gathering solutions with limited success. These hardware device-based approaches are cumbersome when compared to the mobility and flexibility a simple pen solution offers for capturing information from paper. Device-based solutions also suffer from high total costs of ownership as their underlying technology and software are constantly evolving - requiring continual investments in asset life-cycle management.

INKStreams has been leading the Canadian market since 2003 with innovative digital pen and paper workflow solutions. Our technical knowledge on the Anoto platform ensures success the first time and our team is capable of supporting all aspects of your solution implementation, including:

  • Workflow ROI and Business Analysis
  • Application Development and Integration Services
  • Digital Records Management Workflow Design and Implementation
  • Paper, Handheld and Web Human Interface Design
  • RIM BlackBerry J2ME Applications
  • J2EE and .Net Application Lifecycle Development
  • Project Management & Training
  • Fulfillment Services: Pens, Paper, Software and Hosting
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