Geriatric Care

INKStreams PaperRouter e-pen service deployed in Nursing and Retirement Homes across Canada delivers real time electronic orders to specialty pharmacies supporting geriatric care. Adobe

The INKStreams web portal allows pharmacists to securely view hand written orders/notes originating from care facilities with complete page transmission histories going back up to 240 days.*

PaperRouter INK2fax in operation since 2007 has processed over 225,000 electronic fax documents up to the end of 2014.

* All data stored on INKStreams servers are encrypted using 128 bit AES and all transmissions utilize the SSL protocol for communications.

Wound Care

INKStreams in partnership with TraxMedica have developed an International Wound Registry (IWR). The IWR was developed to allow private and government agency healthcare practitioners a secure means to contribute and participate in the collection of de-identified patient wound data.* The IWR is unique in the world being populated directly from clinically generated paperwork using only a digital pen and handwriting recognition technology.

In operation in European healthcare clinics since 2012, the IWR has now processed over 12,000 patient assessments from digital pens. The Welsh Wound Innovation Center announced recently a partnership with the CRC which will see the INKStreams technology platform adopted to Australian needs during Q4 2015.

* Patient information is obfuscated and anonymous to enforce privacy..


INKStreams have developed a number of custom software solutions for clients* looking for cost effective ways of enabling paper-based workflows. Industry verticals include;
 • Financial Services
 • Facilities Maintenance
 • Transportation Logistics
 • Government Agencies

*ScotiaBank, Royal Bank, Allstream, Ryerson University, Robsinson Solns

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