Pen and Paper remains the simplest and most common device for information capture worldwide and many businesses are mandated by process or legal necessity to capture information using paper forms.

INKStreams enables organizations to capture handwriting from paper forms, automatically convert the data to electronic format and initiate workflows within any front or back office application.

This simple yet powerful approach to connecting the mobile worker to your information management system reduces cost throughout the enterprise by automating workflow processes, minimizing manual data entry, eliminating the need for document scanning and improving productivity and responsiveness. The benefits are immediate, enabling true end-to-end mobile workflow automation without changing user behavior.


  • Use your current form templates - no change required to form layout or design.
  • Mobile workforce processes are unaffected - they still use pen/paper to capture data.
  • Handwriting is converted into ASCII characters and transmitted to server applications.
  • Paper forms become workflow automation tools, triggering electronic commands of any kind.
  • Copies of your forms are electronically archived and indexed - no scanning required.
  • Productivity improvements are immediate. Manual processes become automated.
  • Cost savings are significant and quantifiable.

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New Customers

Pharmacies all across Canada have selected INKStreams e-pen system for delivering Dr. Orders from LTC Facilities

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